Here are the Most Important Criteria Among 9 Factors That Help Determine Who’s At Fault in a Car Accident

The time after an auto accident is a frightening and confusing one, particularly when liability is called into question. In most cases, blame is passed back and forth, which may do more harm than good. Avoid the controversy and work with all involved to ensure a hassle-free experience. Though there are more than 9 Factors That Help Determine Who’s at Fault in a Car Accident.

The Details

Aside from the essentials such as a first-aid kit and an owner’s manual, a notebook is one of the most important things a driver can keep in their glove compartment. Noting the details of an accident is crucial, even if they’re not written down immediately afterward. Make a note of:

  • Property damage
  • The location of the accident
  • The time and date
  • Weather conditions
  • The other vehicle’s license information
  • Witnesses’ contact information

Though this isn’t a comprehensive list, the information will be useful in determining liability and the cost of repairs.


A camera is another essential thing to have on hand, and most people already have one in the form of a smartphone. Photos of details such as vehicle damage, the accident scene, skid marks, and more may give an attorney the evidence they need to document the other party’s liability.

The Police Report

An official report is one of the most vital documents presented following an auto accident. It provides all parties’ details as well as the investigating officer’s unbiased opinion. In the report, legal violations may be mentioned, and issued citations will be noted. A police report is the most common document used to prove liability in a car accident.

State Traffic Laws

Knowing the state’s traffic laws may help a victim win a case against an at-fault driver. The local DMV may have a printed copy of these laws, and they can be found online as well. When proving a case to the other driver’s legal team or insurance company, citing the state’s laws makes the process much easier.

After an accident, the most important thing to do is to ensure everyone’s safety. Liability is a secondary concern. Though blame may be shifted, the facts will help determine who’s responsible. Each of these factors, among others, will help a victim protect their rights and hold the right person accountable.

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