Joe Kashurba Details His Four-Step Road to Success for Marketing Agencies

The Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas has become a favorite of many who love to think and talk about business. Best known to fans as “EO Fire,” the daily show features interviews with many of today’s most successful and notable entrepreneurs, marketers, and thought leaders.

In one recent episode, Dumas spoke to Joe Kashurba, an experienced Internet marketer who built an internationally renowned agency from the ground up. Most recently, Kashurba has turned his attention toward helping others in the same industry replicate such results in their own careers.

A Simple, Four-Step Process That Produces Results for Agencies of All Sizes

Just about every head of a digital marketing agency today would love to have more clients and work. Many, in fact, spend just as much time searching for and cultivating new customers as they do actually assisting and supporting existing ones.

Having grown his own agency from nothing into a business that charged tens of thousands of dollars for individual websites, Kashurba became amply familiar with this reality. In his Entrepreneurs on Fire talk with John Lee Dumas, Kashurba detailed a four-stage process agency leaders can use to expand their own businesses by a factor of ten or more:

  • Identify the ideal client. Many agency heads are surprisingly vague and uncertain about who they are best positioned to serve. Starting out by thinking about an agency’s ideal client and delving into the details will provide a firm foundation to build upon.
  • Develop a core service package. Once a company’s ideal client has been pinned down and profiled, it will then be possible to put together a service plan that will best serve the needs of such customers.
  • Put a marketing strategy in place. With a client description and a service offering in place, everything required to plot out a well informed marketing strategy will be to hand.
  • Scale up. Finally, it will be possible to use this starting point to scale up as needed and however future developments suggest.

A Proven Plan That Has Made a Difference for Many

Kashurba has successfully applied this approach to many different agencies in recent times. As his experiences and those of his students suggest, this relatively straightforward process is one that can produce impressive results for many marketing agencies.

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