The Founder of a Leading Marketing Agency Looks at Facebook’s New Ad Metrics

The agency online at takes a five-pronged approach to digital marketing that has been amply proven successful. One of those five tactics centers on the strategic use of Facebook advertising to improve a company’s digital presence.

The agency’s founder recently released a report that focuses on some recent changes at Facebook. With these updates being of particular interest to advertisers, a quick overview could be useful.

Facebook Ads Present Challenges to Many Businesses

Facebook ads prove quite lucrative for many informed users, but it can take some work to reach that level of success. Small businesses, in particular, often fall into the trap of spending money on Facebook ads and simply hoping for some results.

That more often proves costly and frustrating than worthwhile, as many entrepreneurs and small-business owners have discovered. In fact, it takes quite a bit of knowledge, experience, and thoughtfulness to leverage Facebook ads effectively.

One key for many has been to pay attention to the relevance scores that Facebook traditionally assigned to each ad. Ads that fell behind in this area were normally not only performing poorly, but sometimes also being priced higher than was strictly required.

New Ways of Making the Most of Facebook Advertising

That simple relevance score, though, was never very informative in its own right. In addition to being somewhat vague in fundamental terms, it aimed to summarize a trait that was never especially easy to pin down for many advertisers.

Looking for better ways to keep advertisers informed, Facebook decided that further development of the system was merited. It recently released an update that does away with the accustomed relevance score and puts three others in its place:

  • Quality. Every ad is now assigned a “quality” rating that is meant to reflect polish, professionalism, and the like.
  • Focus. Ads that are appropriate to the audience targeted receive higher focus scores than others.
  • Conversion. Some ads are better at spurring those who click them to take further action, and that produces higher conversion scores.

With these three figures now being available, Facebook advertisers have more information at their disposal than in the past. That should be good news for any company that is looking for ways to advertise more effectively.

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