Two Issues That Sometimes Confuse Workers Who Have Been Injured in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system is a fairly generous one that includes quite a few protections for employees who are injured while on the job. At the same time, workers who lack an understanding of the system’s details and quirks can end up making mistakes that prove costly in the long run. A quick read of a resource like the one at will help clarify some important issues. Workers who equip themselves with such knowledge tend to be better positioned to respond effectively after suffering injuries.

Knowing How the System Works Can Easily Pay Off

Sustaining any sort of injury while working will almost always be difficult and disorienting. Unfortunately, that leads some workers to respond in ways that undermine the claims for compensation they make thereafter. People who are familiar with the requirements and processes described in Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation laws tend to be better positioned to safeguard their interests. Some of the issues that most often prove relevant to particular workers’ compensation cases relate to details like:

  • Notice of the injury. Naturally enough, workers who suffer injuries while on the job are required to report them to their employers. While the law allows for some time to pass before notice is given, workers will generally do well to act as quickly as practical. Failing to report an injury until after the time limit has been exceeded can entirely disqualify a worker from compensation. Delaying any more than strictly necessary can weaken a worker’s claim.
  • Selection of doctor. Some injured workers assume that they will be allowed to personally choose a doctor for any treatment that might be required. In fact, insurers normally make this determination after a workers’ compensation claim has been filed. Physicians are chosen from an established pool of licensed medical professionals who have been certified for service under the workers’ compensation system. It will always be wise to make sure that a doctor has been officially chosen and approved before accepting any non-critical treatment.

Informed Workers Fare Better After Injuries

Issues like these sometimes trip workers up after they suffer injuries on the job. Being familiar with how Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system works will make costly mistakes a lot less likely.

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